Redevelopment Commission

The Whitestown Redevelopment Commission (RDC) is necessary for the use of Tax Increment Finance (TIF) and acts as the fiduciary body for the tax Increment collected in designated TIF areas.  The commission must present a budget to the Whitestown Town Council on an annual basis and must approve the expenditure of all tax increment collected in the TIF area.  The WRDC is responsible for developing plans and managing tools used to address conditions of blight (redevelopment areas) and underutilized land of economic significance (economic development areas).  The work of the redevelopment commission typically involves identifying blighted areas, designating redevelopment areas, developing plans to eliminate blight and working in partnership with private developers to generate new economic development with increased tax base and new jobs.  The guidelines for establishing a redevelopment commission are in Indiana Code 36-7-14.

The Commission meets on the 1st Monday or each month at 7 pm unless publicly noticed otherwise.

  • Bryan Brackemyre   
  • Clinton Bohm
  • Kyle Weathers 
  • Adam Hess
  • April Witthoeft 


Commission Officers
President - Bryan Brackemyre
Vice President (TBD)
Secretary - Kyle Weathers