ADA - Request Accomodations

Individuals needing a modification or accommodation to a program, service, or activity of the town of Whitestown may file a written Request for Accommodation or Barrier Removal with the ADA Coordinator.

In addition to requesting modifications or accommodations, individuals should use the same form to request the removal of a physical barrier.

If your request is urgent and you need a response from the town immediately, please indicate that in your request and we will do our best to respond as quickly as possible.

If your request is not urgent, the town will contact you to acknowledge receipt within two business days after we receive your request.

After reviewing the situation, if the town needs time to provide the service or barrier removal that you request, the town will notify you of what action the town proposes and in what time frame.

If Your Request Has Not Been Met

Informal Complaint Process

If you feel that the town has not responded to your request in a satisfactory manner, you may contact the Whitestown ADA Coordinator by phone at (317) 732-4535 or email at to advise the town of problems, need for accommodation or request for service.  You may address such requests to the ADA Coordinator in writing at 6210 Veterans Drive, Whitestown, Indiana, 46075. 

Formal Complaint Process

If informal efforts to remedy accessibility or services issues are not successful, formal complaints should be addressed by completing the official Whitestown ADA – Discrimination Grievance Form  and sending the form via mail to the Whitestown ADA Coordinator at 6210 Veterans Drive, Whitestown, Indiana, 46075, or via email to

If assistance in the filing of the form is needed, contact the Whitestown ADA Coordinator at (317) 732-4530.