Rental Registration and Inspection

The Rental Registration Program was established through Ordinance 2014-25 and requires all residential rental properties within the Town of Whitestown to be registered annually and inspected prior to possession of the property by new tenants. The Ordinance’s purpose is to safeguard the public health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of the Town. It establishes a base standard to prevent or correct blighted conditions that presently exist or could exist in the future. Through routine inspections, the Town will warrant that properties are kept in safe and habitable manner, in compliance with all applicable building codes.

The Whitestown Building Department’s Rental Registration and Inspection Division processes all rental registration and inspection forms and performs all registered rental inspections. Read more about the program here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register my rental?

Complete the rental registration and inspection form and return it to the office with the appropriate fees.

What is the cost to register a rental?

The annual rental registration fee is $5. All rental property is required to be registered with the Town of Whitestown and renewed annually. Rental properties are only required to be inspected when there is a tenant change, and prior to a new tenant moving in and/or moving in belongings. A $125 inspection fee must be paid after inspection. Newly constructed property does not require an inspection but is still subject to the rental registration fee ($5) and UTF processing fee of $125. A utility transfer will not be issued until the property is inspected.

Do I need to register my property every year?

Yes. Annual registrations are due by the end of January each calendar year.

Am I required to appoint a property management company?

No. It is the property owner’s personal choice to use a property management company.

When can Whitestown utility services be transferred?

The Whitestown Utility Office will require a Utility Transfer Form (UTF). This form will be needed by the tenant to transfer utility service into the tenant’s name. The form will be provided once the rental property has received an inspection, all items have been completed on that inspection, and the applicable $125 inspection fee is paid. Once completed, a Rental Certificate of Occupancy (RCO) and a Utilities Transfer Inspection Form (UTF) will be issued. The Rental Certificate of Occupancy (RCO) will be emailed to the property owner/manager, and the UTF will be sent over to the Utility Office. The property must be registered in order to have an inspection. Whitestown Utilities will not be transferred into a new tenant’s name without the UTF.

As a tenant, can I make a complaint?

Yes. Contact the Whitestown Building Department at 317-732-4533.

How does this program benefit me as a tenant?

Establishing a minimum housing standard of rental property ensures complaints are dealt with in a timely manner and property is maintained in a safe and habitable condition.

How often are inspections?

The Ordinance requires that all residential rental occupancies receive an inspection before a tenant moves in. The inspection fee is $125 each time.