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Water Boil Advisory

Whitestown Municipal Utilities has issued a precautionary boil water order for all customers that receive drinking water from Whitestown Utilities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a boil advisory?

A boil advisory is issued when the water system experiences a loss in positive water pressure (below 20 PSI), typically due to a serious main break or low storage tank levels. A loss of positive water pressure indicates the existence of conditions that could allow contamination to enter the distribution system. This is the most common type of advisory, which is issued as a precaution until water samples are collected and analyzed to confirm that water quality has not been affected.

What happened?

This precautionary measure is required by state law since the water pressure dropped below 20 PSI. This was due to a water main break in one of the transmission water mains. 

Who is affected?

This boil advisory affects Whitestown Municipal Utility customers. Whitestown residents who get their water from other provides (such as Citizens Energy) are excluded.

What should I do?

All Whitestown Municipal Utility customers should boil their water for five minutes before using it for drinking, making ice, brushing teeth, washing dishes, and food preparation. Water can be used for showering, cleaning and flushing without boiling.

What if I have already consumed the water?

The likelihood of becoming ill is low. However, illness is certainly possible, especially for people that have a chronic illness or may be immunocompromised.

Anyone experiencing symptoms of gastroenteritis, such as diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, with or without fever, should consult their doctor.

How long will the need to boil water continue?

According to Indiana Department of Environmental Management guidelines, water samples must be collected to test for bacteria in the distribution system. This boil advisory is expected to be lifted by noon on Friday, February 19, 2021 after laboratory results confirm that the water is ready to drink again.

Does my in-home water treatment system provide enough protection?

No. Residents are encouraged not to rely on home treatment units. It is recommended that you use boiled (and then cooled) water or an alternate source such as bottled water. Most in-home treatment devices are not designed to remove pathogens and should not be relied on to protect you during a boil water event.

How will I know when it’s safe to drink the water?

Follow the Town of Whitestown on social media or visit for the latest updates.

How was this information communicated?

The boil advisory was distributed to the media, posted on social media, and emailed via the town’s e-newsletter system. Notice was also given to local schools. We will continue to explore other communication methods in the event this were to happen again.

How does this affect local businesses?

The same guidelines listed above for residents apply to businesses.

What should homeowners do when the boil water notice is lifted?

Flush household pipes/faucets by running all your cold water faucets on full for at least five minutes each.

Dump existing ice from automatic ice makers and flush the water feed lines by making and discarding three batches of ice cubes. Wipe down the ice bin with a disinfectant.

For appliances with direct water connections or water tanks, run enough water to completely replace at least one full volume of all lines and tanks. If your filters are near the end of their life, replace them.

Run water softeners through a regeneration cycle.

Who should I contact with questions?

Questions can be directed to the Public Works Department at 317-733-8584.

Where can I learn more?

Visit the CDC’s website.