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Possible Hostage Situation Turns Out To Be A Swatting Call

Jul 2, 2019 | Whitestown Metropolitan Police Department

On July 2nd, 2019 at approximately 3:00 am, Boone County Dispatch notified Whitestown Metropolitan Police Officers of a possible hostage situation in the historic district of Whitestown. The Indiana State Police Sellersburg District received a call from an unknown male stating that he had 3 hostages inside his home, and that if police arrived, he would begin killing the hostages. ISP was able to ping the phone to an address in the historic district of Whitestown, and the name listed on the phone service matched an address where the phone was pinged.

WMPD units, Indiana State Police, and Boone County Sheriff’s Deputies established an Incident Command scene, began forming a perimeter and plan of action, and sent officers in an unmarked vehicle to monitor the house. While monitoring the house, WMPD officers observed an adult white male exiting the house, and immediately detained him. Upon initial questioning they determined this was the homeowner and the individual who the phone number returned to. The male also informed officers no one was inside the home, and there was no truth to the hostages.

WMPD and BCSO searched the home and confirmed no one was in the home. Officers then explained the situation to the homeowner, declared the scene was safe, and determined that this was a “swatting call.”

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