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Whitestown seeks public input for comprehensive plan update

Sep 15, 2021 | Department of Planning and Community Development, News

The Town of Whitestown is seeking public input for an update to the 2015 comprehensive plan.

“This plan is a guidance document that leaders, residents, and business owners can reference as decisions are being made about the future of Whitestown,” said Whitestown Director of Development Services Todd Barker. “The plan will cover land use, transportation, municipal services, parks and recreation, economic development, and more.”

The Town has partnered with HWC Engineering to facilitate a comprehensive planning process that will update the Whitestown Comprehensive Plan. “Planning is essential in order for a community to define their collective vision for the future,” said HWC Director of Landscape Architecture and Planning Cory Whitesell.

“The purpose of a comprehensive planning process is to review and evaluate existing conditions, establish a collective vision, and identify clear goals and objectives for achieving that vision.”

The public is encouraged to fill out the online survey (available at that is open until October 3, 2021. This is one of multiple opportunities throughout the project for the public to participate and provide input. For more information on the comprehensive plan process, visit

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