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WMPD apprehended’s suspect after high speed chase

Nov 2, 2021 | Whitestown Metropolitan Police Department

On Tuesday November 2nd at 1:30 pm, a WMPD officer observed a silver Lincoln driving at a high rate of speed and driving erratically in the 6100 block of Perry Worth Road. Prior to attempting a traffic stop, the WMPD officer observing the suspect vehicle confirmed that it was stolen out of Marion County. WMPD attempted a traffic stop at which point the suspect vehicle sped away and a vehicle pursuit ensued. The suspect vehicle drove southbound on I-65 high rate of speed. One of the suspect vehicle’s tires blew out during the pursuit, at which rate its speed slowed but it continued fleeing. The suspect vehicle exited at the 71st Street Exit in Indianapolis, turned back onto I-65 northbound, continuing to flee from officers.

A Lebanon Police Department Officer was waiting stationary at the 128 mile-marker turnaround to deploy tire deflation devices. Upon approaching the 128 mile-maker turnaround, the suspect vehicle attempted to avoid the tire deflation devices turning westbound into the turnaround, and almost struck the LPD officer. As the LPD officer retreated the suspect vehicle continued towards him, causing him to discharge his department-issued firearm. The suspect vehicle then went southbound as officers continued pursuit. At this time a WMPD officer attempted a PIT maneuver to end the pursuit, which was unsuccessful, and the suspect vehicle continued southbound. A second PIT maneuver was utilized, bringing the suspect vehicle to stop between the 128 and 127 mile-markers southbound. At this point both the driver and passenger were apprehended without further incident. Upon being interviewed, the suspects admitted to stealing a significant amount of merchandise from “ROSS Dress for Less” retail store located off Perry Worth Road in Whitestown, Indiana.

No suspects or law enforcement officers were injured during this incident.

The driver was identified as Ricki Taylor (33 y/o male, of Chicago), and is being held pending charges of Resisting Law Enforcement, and Theft. The passenger was identified as Jameisha Carter (26 y/o female, of Chicago) and is being held pending charges of Resisting Law Enforcement, and Theft.

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