Virtual Tours

Whitestown Fire Department

Welcome to the Virtual Tours Page of the WFD. If you can’t make a trip to the firehouse to see the station or the rigs, we want to bring them to you.

A note on our YouTube videos: These videos can be viewed on any device but are best on a VR headset or Google Goggles. On a phone or tablet, please click the WFD logo in the video to jump to the YouTube app. Unfortunately, the videos will not play properly on a mobile device directly from the webpage. Then you can turn your device to see the entire scene. On a desktop, use your mouse to move about. Finally, we recommend changing the settings (gear in the lower right) to the highest video quality for the best experience.


Burn series

This video was shot using 3 different 360 cameras in a donated house. This video covers smoke detectors, fire spread, and the importance of sleeping with the bedroom door closed.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving kills; it’s that simple, and we see it way too often here on our streets and highways. This is a 360 VR look at how distracted driving can end. Please drive with caution, we don’t want to meet you like this!

Distracted Driving

If you’d rather not have to scroll around the view, or if you don’t have a good VR viewing platform, here is the video in a conventional format.


Tour the Fire Station

Maybe you can’t get to the station easily, or maybe you don’t live close by but you still want a tour. Join us as FF Hagan takes you through the station on a virtual tour.

A Firefighter’s Day

Enjoy a 360 degree view of the daily activities of our firefighters.



360 Virtual Reality Tours

Station 272 First Floor

Station 272 Second Floor

Station 272 Third Floor

Medic 71 – Patient Compartment

Ladder 71 – Interior of Crew Cab

Apparatus Walkarounds

Take a walk around the apparatus. By dragging your mouse (or finger on touch devices) you can take a walk around each of our apparatus and take a look inside the many compartments. Each viewer can be made full screen as well and you can zoom in for a closer look if you’d like.

Engine 71 (marked 72)

Medic 71

Grass 71

Ladder 71