Whitestown Fire Department
What We Do


Providing 24/7 emergency response for fires, automatic alarms, rescues, vehicle accidents, and paramedic-level emergency medical services


Reducing fire potential with pre-construction plan review, site visits, inspections, and building pre-planning


Public Education through school visits, school education programs, child care CPR education, community first aid classes, and public events

Our Core Values

We value professionalism, integrity, compassion, honor, dedication, respect, commitment, health, and safety.

Apparatus & Staffing

The Whitestown Fire Department currently staffs two stations 24/7.

Station 271 (2965 S 575 E) is home to Ladder 271, a quint ladder company, which fills the roles of Engine or Ladder company, depending on the dispatch location. In addition, Medic 271 will go in-service at this station later in 2022 as well.

Station 272 (6800 Indianapolis Rd.) maintains two apparatus. Ladder 272, a quint fire apparatus, and Medic 272. Station 272 is also home to the WFD headquarters and administrative staff.

WFD delivers paramedic-level advanced life support and transport services from Station 272. ALS care is available 24/7 utilizing Medic 272, and soon, Medic 271.

ISO Rating

The Whitestown Fire Department is recognized by the Insurance Service Office (ISO) as having a public protection classification or a Class 2. The ISO rates fire departments nationally on a routine basis, classifying them from 1 to 10, with a Class 1 being the best. These ratings are then used by insurance companies to set rates, reflecting the fire department’s ability to protect the area. This classification puts the WFD in the top 3% of fire departments in the nation and in the top 2% in Indiana.

Award Winners

The Whitestown Fire Department honors the dedication of its members through a series of annual awards.

View the award descriptions and winners here.

Our History

Founding Members

The Founding Members

The founding members of the Whitestown Volunteer Fire Department in 1929 under the guidance of Trustee Samuel West. During this time the sole fire engine was housed in the town garage, owned by founding member, Grover Allen. This building still stands just east of Main on Pierce St.

First Station

Our First Station

The first dedicated fire station for the WFD was located at the corner of the Whitestown School and housed two fire trucks. This building still stands at 345 S Barnes at the corner of the Moontown Restaurant.

Frye funeral 1988

George Frye Funeral

The department moved to the former hardware store on Main St. in 1980. The building is shown here with the members awaiting the passing procession following the funeral of long-time member, George Frye.

The 1980's

The 1980’s

Shown here is the first group photo of the department members in the early 1980s. Some of these same members remained with the department all the way into the 2000’s and served the community for the majority of their lives.

Trucks 1980s

Trucks of 1980’s

The apparatus during the 1980s was typical of any small town fire department and were cared for with immense pride but the members of the department.

Grand Opening 2001

The Grand Opening

In 2001 the department moved into its first new building (not a building repurposed and remodeled). This building is located west of the Legacy Core on 300 S and still serves today as Station 271.

First Career members 2009

First Career Members

In 2009 the department took a major step forward with the hiring of our first full-time personnel. These members paved the way for the department as we know it today.

First career officers 2012

First Career Officers

In 2012, under the leadership of Chief Joe Anderson, the first three career officers were officially promoted, again setting a new landmark in the growth of the agency.

Station 272 Grand Opening

Station 272 Grand Opening

In keeping with the rapid growth of the town, Station 272 was commissioned in 2014, under the leadership of Chief Josh Westrich. This was the first satellite station for the department and ensured coverage in the southern part of our district.

Station 272 New Location

Station 272 New Location

Station 272 was moved in the fall of 2021 to our current headquarters station. Housing the administrative staff and Station 272’s crew and apparatus, this is only the second new construction building in the nearly 100-year history of the department.

Leadership Through the Years

Leadership through the Years

The chronological history of the leadership of the WFD from 1929 to today.