Chief John Hancock Leadership AwardWhitestown Fire Department

Leadership AwardFrom 1979 to 1986 John Hancock served as the Chief of the Whitestown Fire Department. Chief Hancock was instrumental in leading the WFD into the modern era, initiating such changes as fire-based EMS, SCBA utilization, apparatus improvements, and working with other area departments.

Chief Hancock was the Chief during the design and construction of the department’s 4th station, located on 300 S. John has lived on the hill overlooking Station 271 for years and has been a strong supporter of the department as well as a tremendous vault of information on the history of our department. Reaching all the way back to his time at Whitestown High School, John originally joined the department in 1953 when the station was at 345 S. Barnes, directly adjacent to the high school.

The John Hancock Leadership award is presented to the officer or firefighter who exemplifies the best qualities of leadership in the fire service. This should be a display of continual and consistent acts of selflessness, desire to train and improve, and embodiment of the tradition and pride for the fire service. This award is nominated by the recipient’s peers and awarded at the recommendation of the peer-based committee.


  • 2020 – BC Tracey Badgley
  • 2019 – Lt Matthew Hickey
  • 2018 – Capt. Levi Kendall
  • 2017 – FF Nathan Joseph
  • 2016 – FF Chris Elett
  • 2015 – FF Rick DeCrastos
  • 2014 – Lt. Brandi Cunningham
  • 2013 – Lt. Sahne Daugherty