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Tips to Prepare for the Total Solar Eclipse in Whitestown

Mar 18, 2024 | News

Whitestown, IN [March 18, 2024] – The exciting Whitestown event, Solar Jam, is quickly approaching on Monday, April 8 from 1:30-4:30 p.m. at Main Street Park (4286 S. Main St. Whitestown, IN 46075).

Whitestown (Boone County) is in the path of totality for the first time in 819 years and may draw thousands of visitors to our town to view the total solar eclipse. Don’t worry, all of Boone County Public Safety are preparing for this possibility and are taking measures to ensure the protection and safety of our communities!

With the anticipation of the total solar eclipse and the event, Solar Jam, Whitestown Metropolitan Police Department and Whitestown Fire Department put together essential tips to ensure your protection and enjoyment:

  1. Expect Traffic Congestion: Anticipate significant traffic congestion and an increase in travel time due to the influx of spectators. If possible, seek alternative routes to and from work as interstates are expected to be most affected.
  2. Purchase Supplies Early: Purchase food, water, and other necessities well in advance of the eclipse. Supermarkets and stores may experience heightened demand, so it’s advisable to stock up early to avoid last-minute rushes and shortages.
  3. Fuel Up Your Vehicles: Gas stations are expected to experience a high volume of customers. Ensure your vehicles are fueled up ahead of time to avoid long waits and potential shortages.
  4. Avoid Appointments: If possible, refrain from scheduling any appointments or commitments during the eclipse period to prevent getting into congested traffic.
  5. Wait to Contact: If needing a report, please wait until later that evening or the next business day to call in. Dispatch/Communication centers can be overwhelmed with priority calls and need to be available for emergency services.
  6. Use Proper Eyewear: Protect your eyes by wearing appropriate eyewear specifically designed for observing during the total solar eclipse and the partial eclipse phases before and after totality. There will be a limited number of solar eclipse glasses available for attendees at Solar Jam. The glasses are first come, first serve.
  7. Enjoy the Event: The event is once in a lifetime and while it may create some chaos it is historic. Prepare accordingly so you can enjoy it stress-free with your family and friends.

To learn additional tips for eyewear safety for the total solar eclipse, click here.

By adhering to these tips, you will have a safe and memorable experience during the total solar eclipse. Embrace the wonder of nature while prioritizing your well-being and preparedness.

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