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Town of Whitestown Launches the Planning Case Viewer

Mar 11, 2024 | News

Whitestown, IN [March 11, 2024] – The Town of Whitestown is excited to announce the launch of the Planning Case Viewer, an interactive tool designed to provide quick and easy access to current and past projects in Whitestown.

The new platform is a leap forward in transparency and public engagement by making the Plan Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals Case information readily available to all residents.

With the Planning Case Viewer, residents can easily access information on current and past development projects, allowing for a deeper understanding of changes in Whitestown. It provides an easy way to view proposed projects, site plans, staff reports, and more. This platform will allow the public to see case status, project locations, and the date of public hearings of projects, empowering residents to track cases of personal importance from submittal to completion. It also allows residents to delve into past cases, accessing minutes, public hearing videos, and other pertinent documents.

“We’re excited to finally unveil the Planning Case Viewer to the public,” stated Todd Barker, Director of Developmental Services. “Our Planning and GIS staff worked hard to develop this powerful solution.”

The platform includes a convenient comment window for current projects, enabling residents to email concerns, comments, and opinions directly on ongoing projects. Those comments will be entered into the public records for that specific case, ensuring the community’s voices are heard and considered in decision-making.

The new Planning Case Viewer offers our residents and stakeholders unparalleled access to project information and gives the transparency that residents have been wanting,” said Dan Patterson, Town Council President. “The team who worked to develop this platform delivered a high-quality product that far exceeds the original expectations that I had hoped for. I am delighted to see this product begin to be utilized by our Whitestown residents.”

The Planning Case Viewer shows the Town of Whitestown’s dedication to fostering an inclusive and open approach to planning and development, by providing residents with direct access to planning information and opportunities for input.

Residents are encouraged to explore the Planning Case Viewer and engage actively in the planning and development processes that shape the future of Whitestown. Visit to access the new platform.

Note: Not all past cases are currently on the Planning Case Viewer. The town is actively working to include older cases within the viewer.

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