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Whitestown and Zionsville celebrate connection of Big 4 Trail

Oct 4, 2023 | News

The Big 4 Trail is now complete and contiguous between Whitestown and Zionsville, creating a nearly 9-mile-long pathway for outdoor enthusiasts and residents to enjoy.

“The connection between Whitestown and Zionsville represents a joint effort between local governments, community organizations, and generous supporters, all committed to enhancing connectivity and promoting active lifestyles within our community,” said Whitestown Parks Director Dominic Cornett.

In Whitestown, the town extended the trail by 1.54 miles thanks to a $1.1 million Next Level Trails grant announced in April 2022.

Whitestown’s existing trail continues through the town until it meets the western segment of the newly constructed trail at County Road 575 East, ultimately terminating at County Road 500 East. With the two new sections now open, Whitestown’s portion of the Big 4 Trail is complete.

“In the past three years, we have made incredible momentum with Zionsville’s Big-4 Rail Trail,” said Zionsville Mayor Emily Styron. “The Rail Trail forms the central spine of Zionsville’s 20+ mile trail system and is an asset that benefits so many of us in terms of health and wellness, the local economy, and environmental stewardship.”

“I have long believed that Zionsville and Whitestown should work on building ‘bridges’ to highlight all that unites us,” said Zionsville Board of Parks and Recreation President John Stehr. “Recognizing the Rail Trail that links us together is a good start.”

In Zionsville, with the award of a $1.8 million Next Level Trails grant, the town completed the extension of the Big-4 Rail Trail in both directions: south to Zionsville Road and north from Heritage Trail Park to the common boundary with Whitestown. This makes Zionsville’s trail five miles long.

Currently, the Town of Zionsville is widening its existing segments of trail to create a uniform 12’ wide trail with a 2’ soft shoulder on each side. The new Zionsville Road trailhead is also under construction. Both projects are expected to be complete this fall. Learn more here.

To date, the Next Level Trails program has invested over $7 million along the Big 4 Trail corridor, supporting the creation of nearly 14 miles of new trail. Future plans for the corridor will focus on closing the remaining gap between Whitestown and Lebanon, creating a contiguous multi-use trail stretching from Zionsville to Colfax, totaling 30 miles upon completion.

View a map of the trail here.

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