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Whitestown Town Council Announces 2024 Board Appointments

Jan 10, 2024 | News

Whitestown, IN – [January 10, 2024] – The Whitestown Town Council President Dan Patterson, Vice President Tanya Sumner, Cheryl Hancock, Tobe Thomas, and Eric Nichols, are pleased to announce the appointment of several dedicated individuals to serve on various boards and commissions. These appointments play a vital role in guiding our community’s growth and development, and we are grateful for their willingness to volunteer their time and expertise.

Boards and Commissions:

[Whitestown Redevelopment Commission]
The Whitestown Redevelopment Commission (RDC) is necessary for the use of Tax Increment Finance (TIF) and acts as the fiduciary body for the tax Increment collected in designated TIF areas. The commission must present a budget to the Whitestown Town Council on an annual basis and must approve the expenditure of all tax increments collected in the TIF area. The RDC is responsible for developing plans and managing tools used to address conditions of blight (redevelopment areas) and underutilized land of economic significance (economic development areas). The work of the redevelopment commission typically involves identifying blighted areas, designating redevelopment areas, developing plans to eliminate blight, and working in partnership with private developers to generate new economic development with an increased tax base and new jobs. Each appointment is a one-year term.

List of Appointees:
Cheryl Hancock
(Appointed by Town Council – 1/1/2024) 
Adam Hess (Appointed by Town Council President – 1/1/2024)
Ken Kingshill (Appointed by Town Council President – 1/1/2024)
Mark Pascarella (Appointed by Town Council President – 1/1/2024)
Courtenay Smock (Appointed by Town Council – 1/1/2024)


[Whitestown Economic Development Commission]
The basic functions of the Whitestown Economic Development Commission (EDC) include approving the creation of an Economic Development Area (EDA) for Tax Increment Finance (TIF) and abatement purposes, approving Inducement Resolutions for Industrial Revenue Bonds (IRB’s), and approving Economic Development Bonds in a TIF. EDC members work closely with the Redevelopment Commission for the economic improvement of the Town of Whitestown. Each appointment is a four-year term.

List of Appointees:
Jeff Headrick
(Appointed by Town Council President – 1/1/2024) 
Eric Nichols (Appointed by Town Council President – 1/1/2022)
Aaron Williams (Appointed by Town Council – 1/1/2020)


[Whitestown Redevelopment Authority]
The Redevelopment Authority serves as the governing body for purchasing, construction, and bonding of public infrastructure projects. The Board meets as needed. Each appointment is a three-year term.

List of Appointees:
These positions will be filled during the February Town Council meeting, by the Town Council.


[Whitestown Board of Zoning Appeals]
The Whitestown Board of Zoning Appeals (WBZA) is a quasi-judicial body that conducts public hearings for matters in which applicants are seeking relief from strict application of a zoning ordinance. The Board hears applications for use variances, variances from development standards, special exceptions for uses, and appeals from administrative decisions. Further, the BZA functions to give greater assurance that zoning is fair and equitable, that it is properly interpreted, and does not cause excessive hardship. Each appointment is a four-year term.

List of Appointees:
Shelby Hasz
(Appointed by Town Council President – 1/1/2024)
Ken Kingshill (Appointed by Town Council – 1/1/2023) 
Andrew McGee (Appointed by Plan Commission – 1/1/2023)
Mark Pascarella (Appointed by Town Council President – 1/1/2021)
Phillip Snoeberger (Appointed by Town Council President – 1/1/2022)


[Whitestown Plan Commission]
The Whitestown Plan Commission (WPC) is the land use and development policy body for the Town of Whitestown and is the decision-making body for concept and development plans and primary and secondary plats. The WPC acts in an advisory capacity to the Town Council for rezoning requests, Planned Unit Developments (PUD), and amendments to the Unified Development Ordinance. The WPC also advises the Town Council on the adoption of, and amendments to, the Town Comprehensive Plan. Each appointment is a four-year term for Non-Employee / Elected Officials. One-year term for Employee / Elected Officials.

List of Appointees:
Lauren Foley
(Appointed by Town Council President – 1/1/2023)
Nathan Harris (Appointed by Town Council President – 1/1/2022) 
Andrew McGee (Appointed by Town Council President – 1/1/2022)
Steve Milstead (Appointed by Town Council – 1/1/2023)
Danny Powers (Appointed by Town Council – 1/1/2023)
Phillip Snoeberger (Appointed by Town Council President – 1/1/2023)
Dave Taylor (Appointed by Town Council – 1/1/2023)


[Whitestown Fire Board]
The Whitestown Fire Board manages, coordinates, implements, and expands (if determined prudent and necessary) the provision of Emergency Services to Whitestown, unincorporated areas of Worth Township, and other areas as deemed appropriate (by the Fire Board). The Fire Board shall also be responsible for administering the terms of this Agreement. The “Joint Fire Protection Board” (Fire Board) is a cooperative venture between Worth Township and the Town of Whitestown. Each board member serves at the pleasure of appointing authorities. Not to exceed four-year term.

List of Appointees:
Jim Baldwin
(Automatic as Trustee – 1/1/2023)
Kasey Copeland
(Appointed by Township Trustee – 1/1/2022) 
Mike Hancock (Appointed by Township Trustee – 1/1/2024)
Eric Nichols (Appointed by Town Council – 1/1/2022)
Michele O’Connor (Appointed by Town Council – 1/1/2022)
Dan Patterson (Automatic as Town Council President – November, 2023)


[Whitestown Police Commission]
The Board of Metropolitan Police Commissioners constitutes the safety board of the Town for purposes of the suspension, demotion, or dismissal of any member of the Department. The Board may make general and specific rules for the government and discipline of the Whitestown Metropolitan Police Department and may make special and general orders to the Department through the Chief of Police, who is the executive head of the Department. Each appointment is a three-year term.

List of Appointees:
Kevin Foley
(Appointed by Town Council – 1/1/2023)
Josh Hobson (Appointed by Town Council – 1/1/2023) 
Eric Nichols (Ex Officio – 1/1/2022)
Jon Nixon (Appointed by Town Council – 1/1/2022)
Joe Vitale (Appointed by Town Council – 1/1/2024)

For more information about our boards, commissions, and committees please click here.

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