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Whitestown Library Opens Its Doors to the Community

Apr 22, 2024 | News

This past Saturday, April 20, 2024, the Hussey-Mayfield Memorial Public Library Whitestown Branch officially opened. The new library is located at 6310 Albert S. White Drive, Whitestown, and it promises to be a beacon of knowledge and innovation for residents of all ages.

“The new library is a testament to the dedication and vision of our town, a place where people of all ages can come together to explore, discover, and grow,” said Katie Barr, Whitestown Town Manager. “Whether you seek the solace of a good book, the excitement of a new adventure, or the resources to pursue your passions, our library stands ready to welcome you with open arms.”

The library has a variety of amenities designed for the diverse interests and passions of residents, such as the MakerStudio and a recording studio. The Makerstudio includes a laser cutter, 3D printer, and more to allow residents to explore their creativity and bring their ideas to life. While the recording studio offers aspiring musicians and podcasters the tools to share their creativity and talents.

For those seeking solace and inspiration, the library features a cozy reading room with a fireplace and historic Whitestown documents and photographs. Additionally, the outdoor patio space is where visitors can enjoy the beauty of nature while diving into their favorite books. Recognizing the importance of fostering community connections, the library’s community room can accommodate up to 200 people, providing a versatile space for meetings and events of all kinds.

Of course, the heart of the library is its extensive collection of books, ensuring that there is something for everyone to enjoy.

“Having been involved in the discussions concerning a new library branch in Whitestown from the very beginning, I am absolutely thrilled to see it come to fruition and to be part of the grand opening celebration,” said Tanya Sumner, Whitestown Town Council Vice President, and District 3 Representative. “Our new branch will be a wonderful and convenient amenity for our residents, especially since almost all of my constituents here in District 3 will literally be able to walk or bike to the new library branch with their families, instead of having to drive to another community. I know it will be a popular gathering place for our residents of all ages to enjoy the educational programming and tools offered, and I’m so happy to have it here! I am working to bring more great amenities for our families to District 3 very soon as we strive to preserve more greenspace and increase the quality of life here in Whitestown as we grow.”

The Hussey-Mayfield Memorial Public Library is a beloved destination for residents and visitors alike, offering endless opportunities for learning, exploration, and inspiration.

To learn more about the Hussey-Mayfield Memorial Public Library, click here.

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